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Juliana top shelf

Juliana top shelf

The Juliana top shelf is designed for growing at height. The storage shelf can be used in all Juliana greenhouses. If your Juliana greenhouse has collar beams, the shelf can be placed between these. This way you can utilise the space at the top of the greenhouse and get even more out of your greenhouse.

The shelf measures 718 mm x 172 mm x 60 mm and is made of black powder-coated galvanised steel.

The shelf is designed to be used for under-irrigation and is practical because it makes it easier to keep cuttings, herbs and more alive.

Juliana Top shelf can be placed between the collar beams in:

  • Juliana Orangeri
  • Juliana Grand Oase (13,0 and 18,8 m²)
  • Juliana Premium
  • Juliana Gartner

Item no.: F04843

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