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Halls Wall Garden

Halls Wall Garden


The optional galvanized steel greenhouse base will ensure you won't need to construct a brick or timber base. You must ensure you have a suitable solid wall to attach a Wall Garden Greenhouse to.

Interior design

Juliana Solar LED-lamp The Solar LED-lamp has 3 LED light bulbs and can be used inside as well as outside the greenhouse. The lamp is made of durable plastic and made for outdoor use. Includes brackets, nuts and bolts.
Item number: F04841

Juliana Solar LED-lamp

Juliana Potholder Created for 'Vertical gardening' in the greenhouse. The potholder can be attached in the profile of the greenhouse and thereby make use of wasted space the greenhouse. The potholder has a diameter of 14 centimeters and can hold up to 10 Kg. Cropped head bolt, nut and nut cap is included.
Item number: F04842

Juliana Potholder

Juliana tablet holder With the Juliana tablet holder, you can easily bring your tablet into the green­house. Use your tablet in the greenhouse to read newsletters and articles from gardening writers, follow your favorite garden blogs and find inspiration from various social media. The tablet holder is attached to the supplied special fittings, which can easily be mounted in the greenhouse profiles. The holder also fits regular smartphones.
Item number: F04849

Juliana tablet holder

Juliana candleholder (tealight) - Black The metal ring is easily fitted directly to the greenhouse profiles and the accompanying glass rests in the ring. Make your greenhouse glow. Includes two metal rings and two glass holders.
Item number: F04852

Juliana candleholder (tealight) - Black

Juliana bag holder The large metal ring is created as a bag holder but can be used for multiple practical uses. Used as a bag holder you get a neat solution to easily collect faded leaves and other waste from your greenhouse life.   The bag holder is made of black powdercoated steel. It has a diameter of 30 cm and is suitable for large waste bags. The ring can be fitted directly to the greenhouse profiles and can carry 5 kg.   Jute bag, special bolts, nuts and nut caps included.
Item number: F04850

Juliana bag holder
Climate and cultivation

Juliana Wirekit Wires in the greenhouse can give you versatile options.You can create shading by hanging light fabric curtains from a wire at the apex of the greenhouse and let the other wire hold the curtain against the glass in the side of the greenhouse.The wires may also be used as a plant support for grape vines and creepers.The set consists of 2 x 6-meter plastic wrapped wires and brackets to enable you to install the kit in the greenhouse profiles.
Item number: F04848

Juliana Wirekit

Juliana Plant Spirals A pack of three plant spirals perfect for growing tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse.  Made from a sturdy plastic coated aluminium tubing these spirals can be extended to any length making them ideal for all greenhouses whatever the roof height.  Once extended they form a ridged frame, this makes them ideal for growing tomatoes up or alternatively position them on an angle for growing cucumbers.  The plant spirals come complete with fittings that provide a secure mounting point.
Item number: F04905

Juliana Plant Spirals

Halls Wall Garden


The Halls Wall Garden is a mini greenhouse or lean-to, meaning you can grow seedlings and crops almost anywhere you have a suitable solid wall. These small greenhouse models are a space saving way of growing in almost any garden.

The Halls range of Wall Garden greenhouse models are ideal for growing in a smaller space, like a balcony or patio. All Wall Garden greenhouses feature a large roof vent and a smooth sliding door.

Choose from aluminium or green powder coated frames and from horticultural or toughened safety glass. Please note that this is not a free standing greenhouse and must be secured to a solid wall.

The optional galvanised steel greenhouse base raises the Wall Garden by 12cm ensuring the smooth action of the door, also meaning you will not need to construct a brick base (Supreme Wall Garden has the base included in the price).


Item no.: F09196

Width: 4'4" / 1.32 m.

Length: 2'4" / 0.69 m.

Eaves: 1.53 m.

Ridge: 1.82 m.

Smooth running sliding door: Yes

Number of windows: 1 pcs.