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Halls Greenhouses

Halls greenhouses can trace its history back to 1934 and was the first to mass produce aluminium greenhouses for the garden.

Everyone should own a greenhouse of great quality made by Halls. We have a wide selection of greenhouses, so you can find the one perfect for your garden.

Buy direct from the manufacturer today, safe in the knowledge of our 12 year guarantee.

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The Story of the Halls Greenhouse brand

The history behind Halls greenhouses dates back to 1934, when Halls, as the first company in the world, began producing greenhouses for private individuals based on maintenance-free aluminum. The criteria for the greenhouses were of course - and still are today - that they should be of high quality and that they should be easy to assemble, so you as a greenhouse owner have the possibility to build your greenhouse and get started growing all in the same weekend.

Halls stands for the essence of English gardening traditions, and in our wide product range you will find greenhouses in several designs, price ranges and sizes. You will find a Halls greenhouse suitable for both beginners and seasoned garden enthusiasts, and at you will find greenhouses from the entire Halls range. Halls Greenhouses are an international success story that just keeps growing year after year.


Several popular series within Halls greenhouses

As mentioned before, we offer several different product series from Halls here at Overall, we recommend the series of Halls Popular greenhouses as a wonderful beginner's house for you who have not previously owned a greenhouse, but who would like to start exploring the greenhouse's many possibilities. If you want a more professional and spacious greenhouse, the Halls Magnum or Halls Universal series may be a better option for you, and if you want an entire orangery, our Halls greenhouses from the Atrium series are waiting for you. If space is tight, we recommend that you take a look at the wall-mounted greenhouses from the Halls Wall Garden or Halls Silverline series. You can read more about the individual greenhouse series from Halls below:


Halls Popular

A Halls Popular greenhouse is the perfect beginner greenhouse and the best-selling Halls greenhouse to date. Hence the name Popular. With a greenhouse from this series, you get a nice, free-standing greenhouse with a skylight and easy-sliding sliding doors, so you can easily start using your greenhouse in style and start growing various traditional greenhouse plants. A Halls greenhouse from the Popular series is a good complement for both a small and the large garden.


Halls Magnum

The greenhouses in the Halls Magnum series are some of the more advanced greenhouses from Halls and thus a good choice for you who may already have experience as a greenhouse owner or who just want to invest a little extra in your new greenhouse. With a Halls Magnum greenhouse, you get a large, free-standing greenhouse with various nice details, including double sliding doors, which give your greenhouse an extra nice finish. Halls Magnum creates a comfortable space with plenty of space for your various plant projects, and all in all, the series' greenhouses are really good all-round greenhouses that you can enjoy for many years.


Halls Atrium

The Halls Atrium series is Halls' great offer for an orangery for your garden. Here you get a greenhouse, gazebo or pavilion for fun and good times, and Halls Atrium is always a part of the outdoor space for you who may want something out of the ordinary for your garden - but who do not necessarily want to have a custom solution. With Halls Atrium, you get a greenhouse in tempered glass in entire lanes with a double sliding door and three windows, which creates an elegant and different look that will undoubtedly go well with your surroundings outdoors.


Halls Wall Garden

Halls Wall Garden is a space-saving series of wall-mounted greenhouses with either two or three sections in length. The series is ideal as a solution for you who either have limited space for a greenhouse in the garden, or who want a supplement to your large greenhouse.


Halls Silverline

Like the greenhouses in the Halls Wall Garden series, the Halls Silverline range has Lean To greenhouses in sizes that do not take up much space in the garden. The Halls Silverline Lean To greenhouses are available with either four, five or six sections in length and with a sliding door in the side.

Which Halls greenhouse is your favorite? Find it online and order it today from the manufacturer!