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The Juliana GreenhouseForum is a community for all who loves greenhouses. The forum will help you get started or further in your greenhouse, so you can get the most out of it.
The GreenhouseForum is a website where you can participate to the extent that suits you. We hope you would like to join the forum.

Keep up with the GreenhouseForum’s greenhouse calendar

On the community site, you will find a greenhouse calendar, which month by month helps you with the seasonal doings in the garden.

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ColumnDid you know.. that in the GreenhouseForum you can ask questions to our experts, who know everything from germinating, harvesting, and winter cultivation to more advanced greenhouse technical questions. Go to the column to see what other members have asked the experts.

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Ask the greenhouse experts

Get inspiration for your life in your greenhouse in our newsletter

A couple of times a month, the GreenhouseForum sends out a newsletter. In the newsletter you will find among other things evergreens with stories and focal points in the greenhouse that never go out of fashion and that you as a reader can benefit from year after year.

The Greenhouseforum's garden experts and guest bloggers are always ready with a good tip or two in various blog posts and guides, where the content is often based on the season's current topics and not least the trends of the time.

In the newsletter there will also be a wealth of competitions with prizes in garden life and not least, accessories for the greenhouse will be highlighted for use according to the season. There will be exclusive discount codes for for recipients of the newsletter that can be used for various products. Sign up for the newsletter here.

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The GreenhouseForum’s bloggers

Meet our garden and greenhouse experts who will share their many years of greenhouse experience.

You can click on each blogger to visit their personal site and read all their articles and involvement in the forum.

The articles include everything from recipes with ingredients from the greenhouse to greenhouse documentations of both different and home built constructions of greenhouses.


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Delicious desserts with sea buckthorn

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