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Freestanding Greenhouses

The classic free-standing Halls greenhouse is available in many shapes and sizes. We have greenhouse models designed for leisure and cultivation - and most are very suitable for both.

Whether you want a greenhouse for growing tomatoes or a garden oasis for relaxation, we have the perfect free standing greenhouse for you.

All of our free standing Halls greenhouse models come with our 12 year guarantee. Buy today direct from the manufacturer.

Freestanding greenhouses come in many designs and colours ensuring that your greenhouse will fit into the design and style of your garden and home.

Things to consider:

  • Size is the most important thing to consider, make sure the greenhouse is large enough to fit all the lovely plants and veggies you will be growing
  • Shape, freestanding greenhouses come in many different shapes, from orangery style greenhouses to modern square shapes
  • Glazing is an important factor, we always recommend toughened safety glass or polycarbonate for home greenhouses
  • Colour, green and black powder coated greenhouses have gained in popularity over the years, as it helps the greenhouse blend in with the garden