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About Halls

The original British greenhouse

The dream of owning your own greenhouse starts here - as it has done for thousands and thousands of British garden owners for over 9 decades ...

Halls is one of the oldest British greenhouse brands and was founded in 1934. Halls greenhouses was also the first in the world to mass produce greenhouses.

A Halls greenhouse is the essence of English gardening traditions, and our wide product range provides a number of high quality greenhouses at very reasonable prices. Choosing a Halls greenhouse gives you a great opportunity to make your greenhouse dream come true, whether you are a novice or an experienced gardener.

Today, Hall's greenhouses are part of Juliana Group Ltd. - the company behind three of the most prominent greenhouse brands in the world - Halls, Juliana and Gabriel Ash.

We look forward to helping you realise your greenhouse dreams.
Halls team, Juliana Group Ltd.,
Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

 Distribution center and factory in Cheltenham

 Distribution centre and factory in Cheltenham